Cute Pickup Lines That Really Work

What is it about some guys when they think it’s funny to use a pickup line on a girl? Even though some cute pickup lines may get their attention, do they really work on most women? Find out a few of the “classics” here and I will let you decide.¬†Find more info on funny pick up lines the Most Reliable Place.

Of course you can’t really “pick up” a woman just with these lines, you really have to have a lot of other things going for you, too. If you deliver even the funniest pickup lines and then stand there like an idiot, most women will probably walk away. However if you show her that you do have some other conversation to amuse and entertain her, you could be able to strike up enough conversation to get her number and maybe more.

Try these sometime:
Do you come here often or should I get your number now?
Are you following me? It’s ok, I just wanted to know for sure…
I’m taking a survey – would you say I’m a) very attractive or b) kind of attractive?
Alright, you may want to think up a few of your own, but you get the idea. They aren’t supposed to be “lines” like the stuff from movies.

What are the best ways to approach a woman with these lines? There are many scenarios that work, you just have to be a little creative. Of course the best pickup lines aren’t lines at all, but just little snippets of conversation that sound totally natural. Like when you’re in a store and you say “excuse me, aren’t you the cutey I was going on a date with next week? I need your number right away”. Sounds a little corny? Sure, most pickup lines do, but if you get a small it’s all worth it right? Or try this one: “you must be lost, because heaven is a long way from here”. Is it old? You bet, but like I said, if it makes her smile you can’t go wrong as long as you deliver it correctly.

The main problem most guys have with delivering these lines is they feel stupid, and are afraid to look embarrassed. Show some confidence – I mean what’s the worst that will happen? She will ignore you and turn around probably. So what, did that hurt? On the other hand, what’s the best thing that could happen, she could laugh, and then give you her number! Don’t think so? Have you ever even tried, if not maybe you should sometime.