Learn To Play Piano Quickly

You have several available choices if you have made up your mind to learn to play piano. You can use music books and other resources as reference in studying the musical theories and playing techniques if you want to start learning on your own.learn to play piano quickly

The body or casing, pedals and the black and white keys are the basic parts of the piano. The keys are pressed to make the sounds of the piano, while the casing holds the strings that are used to produce such sounds. Pedals offer added effects to the piano sounds.

Pedals are located in front of the piano that can easily be reached by your foot as you extend your legs when you are in the proper sitting position. There are two and at times three pedals on a Piano. To be able to use the pedals efficiently, here are a few things that you should know.

The Una Corda Pedal in a piano having two pedals is actuallythe one on the left. In three-pedaled pianos, it is actually the left most pedal. If you step on this pedal, the notes you play will make a softer sound than usual. To use this pedal, press it with your left foot for easy playing. When browsing through a sheet music, press this pedal when you see the words “una corda” and release it when you see “tre corda”. This will vary the sound of the notes in a melodic way, usually for songs that signify a sad mood or a relaxing tone.

Sostenuto Pedal is the second or middle pedal in pianos with three pedals. Use your right foot to press it if you need to use this pedal. This pedal keeps only specific notes instead of all the keys played when pressed. Use this pedal when you see “Sost. Ped.” in the music sheet although the notations differ depending on the composer.

Whether the piano as two pedals or three, the right most pedal is constantly the Sustain Pedal. It also sustains the notes that are played, but unlike the Sostenuto Pedal, all the notes played are sustained when this pedal is used.